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Originally Posted by Troxx [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

My 58 mage in the highest areas of Seb etc averages about 120dps under realistic conditions (ie there is not always a mob in camp **all the time** not allowing for any between mob meditating).
I'm not saying this isn't true because I've never played a mage and I don't hang out with many mages, but is this with the mage chain casting nukes the entire fight? In my experience, an average level 50 charmed Kunark warrior mob with VOG will average around 120 DPS against say a 53 mob.

If the wiki is correct the 57 earth pet hits for max 70 which is exactly half of a level 50 Kunark mob and a max level of 48 so it would land less hits, I assume most of the DPS is nukes?