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Default Low End Items / Prickly Pear / Kunark Quest Spells / Stalking Probes / Rebreather

Diamond Wedding Band 800p
Harvester 500p
Spider Fur Collar 200p
Robe of the Oracle 150p
Crystalline Belt 150p
Othmir Fur Cap 100p

Red Sash of Order 200p
Prickly Pear 600p


Enchanter - 53 - Recant Magic 100p
Enchanter - 54 - Clarity II 300p

Necro - 52 - Scent of Terris 50p
Necro - 53 - Minion of Shadows 300p
Necro - 54 - Shadowbond 100p

Mage- 51 - Scintillation 50p

Wizard - 54 - Thunderbold 50p
Wizard - 55 - Tears of Solusek 50p


Stalking Probes 50p each
Mechanized Lockpics 100p
Rebreather 1500p (multiple available)

Greenmist Items (Crusader's Tests)

Stone Key 1k
This along with the Bone Key and Bone Necklace will complete the Coarse Iron Needle

Coarse Iron Needle 1.5k
This along with the 6 illegible scrolls will finish the Stupendous Tome