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Hey just found this cool link

Its not exactly super old 10/99 so its 7 months after launch and has ravenscale locations not rubi womp womp (probubly the same and must have just mist the cut off!), but it is a guide for cazic back then, mentions binding at the arena! Thought OP and you would all enjoy:

Book of Knowledge: Guide to Cazic-Thule
10-27-99, 09:54 AM

Rogue's Guide to Cazic-Thule
Submitted by Akak
Additional comments added from Pubin, Sakkara, Thaelin and Darlantan
Edited by Zato

General Description
The Lost Temple of Cazic Thule is a tropical temple populated by an intelligent race of lizard people. The lizards are skilled in the clerical arts and don’t take kindly to visitors disturbing their prayers and meditations. Cazic Thule is one of the most experience and loot-rich zones in the game for players in the mid 20’s up to the high 30’s. Most lizards of level 25 and higher carry fine steel weapons, which sell to merchants for over 5pp and players for around 10pp. Lizards often carry several platinum in coin are are nice marks for pickpocketing. In addition to pickpocketing gold and platinum, you can often filch runes, words, pages, and gems. The named lizards and other monsters carry the spectacular Ravenscale Armor, a rogue-only replacement for rubicite armor. In addition, several quest items for other class-specific armor can be found here. The rich lizards, Ravenscale armor, quest items for other classes, and seemingly continuous experience make Cazic Thule a VERY popular dungeon.

Location and directions
The Temple of Cazic Thule is nestled in the fork of a north-south running river on the southern edge of Feerott. It can be approached from the east (Innothule Swamp) or west (Rathe Mountains).

Warning:Be very careful in Feerott. It is the newbie zone for ogres and is appropriately populated by extremely tough Ogre Bouncers (guards). Many of them, particularly Bouncer Hurd, wander the zone and can kill a level 30 rogue in about 20 seconds. Additionally, there is a cave in the southwest corner of the zone that is guarded by spectres. I rarely, if ever, travel Feerott without SoW.

From the Innothule swamp, zone into Feerott and follow the left hand wall south then west until you hit the east fork of the river. Swim the river and continue west along the southern wall until you reach a huge ramp. Run up the ramp and enter Cazic.

From the Rathe Mountains, zone into Feerott and follow the right hand wall south then east until you hit the west fork of the river. Be careful of Spectres as the entrance to PoF is near the SE corner. Swim the river and continue east along the south wall until you reach the ramp. Follow the ramp up and into Cazic.

For the daring and well-connected rogue, there is a wizard gate point located deep inside Cazic Thule. If you have some high level wizard friends, this can make your trip into and out of Cazic very easy. I use it quite a bit and haven’t had a problem yet. Be warned, however, that the gate point is in a very confusing, deadly area of Cazic. Have your wizard cast invisibility on you before you gate!

Binding, buying, selling, and banking
Binding: The closest bind point for rogues is The Arena, two zones to the west of Feerott. The Arena is a PvP zone but is not PvP in the entrance hallway and can be safely entered. The Arena is usually devoid of players so you should ask for a bind while in the adjacent zone (Lake Rathe). Usually, you can talk a kind caster into zoning into The Arena with you to bind you. Your other option for a bind is Freeport. It seems like a long way away from Cazic but isn’t that bad of a run. It is usually quite easy to get a SoW in Freeport and this will reduce your run time significantly. I usually bind in Freeport as it sometimes takes a while to find a caster to bind you in the arena.

If you don't mind taking a small risk, you can actually bind inside Ogguk! Sneak/Hide pass those 2 bouncer at ogguk entrance. Zone in and ask a caster to bind you. The bouncers inside Ogguk rarely be trained to the zone entrance. This is very safe place. I never have a problem with Ogguk citizens. Sometimes it might be hard to find someone to bind you, as Ogguk is usually empty. It might be a good idea to find someone in Cazic or Feerott willing to bind you before actually going inside Ogguk.

Buying, selling, and banking: There are several merchants in the Rathe Mountains that you can use to dump your loot and buy food, water, and bandages. The nearest bank, however, is in Freeport. This can be quite a problem for rogues, as we are typically overloaded with coins and loot. Additionally, the abundance of fine steel weapons will quickly weigh down even the strongest rogue. Fortunately, enterprising players have found a way to make a little money themselves and help you out in the process. Often in Cazic, you will hear a players shout "Banking at zone!" This means the player will perform banking, buying, and selling services for a small price. Many will buy fine steel weapons from you for 3-4pp each. Some will change gold and silver for platinum. Many will sell food, water, and bandages. This benefits you as it saves a long run to Freeport and benefits them as they make a bit of money off each item. Even with players banking, I usually need to make a Freeport run about once every 2-3 days.

Yes, with a little risk it is possible to trade with the Feerott merchants. By the stone bridge, turn right and after a while you will meet 2 green (to a Lvl 30) Ogre merchants. Sneak/hide and buy/sell fletching supplies, and a few other things, except food/water. Keep going and not far from these 2 merchants, you will see an Inn. The merchant inside is Red to a Lvl 30, but just sneak/hide and buy water/food and bandages from him.
IMPORTANT: when you buy/sell to these merchants, you must sneak/hide and trade behind them. Reason: after you finish, you will be unhidden, even though the button will still be actived. Unhide and hide again, and walk away.

Again, if you like to take a CAN use the Ogguk bank. Once you enter Ogguk, sneak/hide and just follow the right wall, keep going until you meet 2 bouncers guarding an entrance. Go between them and take the left tunnel. Don't turn left again until you run into a ledge above water. Take a left turn and you will see a door. This door is Ogguk Keep. There is a bouncer and banker inside. Enter and keep going pass the merchant into his bed chamber. So, you are actually shielded by the wall and face the back of the banker. Do your trading like normal, and after finish, REMEMBER TO UNHIDE AND HIDE before you go out or the bouncer will be on you. Best way to bank here is get a SOW so that you don't have to walk the whole time. Takes about 3-5 min with SOW, around 8-10 min without SOW.

Like any dungeon for relatively higher level characters, almost every class needs a strong group to survive. There are areas which are soloable by rogues but the downtime associated with soloing makes it unproductive to say the least. Full groups are the norm in Cazic and are fairly easy to find and/or form. The replacement of the highly sought-after rubicite armor with rogue-only Ravenscale has significantly reduced the population of Cazic; but there are still plenty of valuable items and experience to lure adventurers of all classes. Both Shadow-knights and Shaman have armor quest items that are found here. Lizard scale cloaks are now part of a wizard quest. So even though the average population of Cazic has dropped from over 50 to under 30, there are still lots of people to group with. While it can be easy to form a Rogue-heavy group, you should ALWAYS leave room for a healer.

While the deadly trains and the dangers of bouncers in Feerott leave a sea of corpses in their wake, you have a distinct advantage as a Rogue. So long as you were not detected previously, you can hide to avoid most confrontations. As a general rule, I am hidden most of the time - unless in combat of course. You never know when a dozen lizzies are going to come out of no where.

Cazic Thule has several distinct areas for fighting. I will discuss the ones I am familiar with; which are the ones for rogues in the mid 20’s to low 30’s. Generally, fighting in Cazic is just like any other dungeon you’ve fought in and the same warnings apply. Trains are deadly, reds spawn at the worst times, and full groups are recommended. The main difference between Cazic Thule and the other dungeons you’ve encountered is that Cazic is a temple and is heavily populated by clerical lizards. You know how that wonderful cleric in YOUR group has saved your rogue arse on countless occasions? Well the lizard clerics in Cazic are just as intent on saving their own group’s tails. Possibly the most frustrating thing in all of Norrath is to be close to finishing off the last red Lizard Fanatic as most of your group is below 2 bubbles of health and all your casters are out of mana only to watch the Fanatic’s hp bar go 90% of the way to full because you forgot that one Lizard Herald in the corner.

Here are the main fighting areas:

The Zone Hallway
The short, L-shaped hallway at the zone border can be a nasty place. Even though just a few steps from relative safety, it is usually littered with corpses. Trains from all over Cazic Thule are brought to this zone and can quickly chew up an unsuspecting rogue. Unlike most dungeons, very little fighting intentionally happens here due to the chance of being run over by a train. Few people actually pull to the zone. Nonetheless, this is still my preferred place for bringing lizards for soloing. I fight with my back against the wall so I can look down the hallway and as soon as ANYTHING goes bad, I step out. One other way to solo here is to patiently remain hidden at the zone and wait for someone else to pull some lizards there. You can either pull one off his group if he wants help or pick the last remaining lizard off the bunch as they retreat after he zones. The hallway is populated by several very low level lizards that can basically be ignored.

The Courtyard
The large, open courtyard (also called the CY) is the hub for most areas of Cazic. It’s one of the laggiest areas I’ve found in Norrath and can be deadly as all trains must pass through here one the way to the zone. It’s populated by lots of low level lizards that will usually ignore anyone over level 25 or so. There are two huge trees in the zone that are out of the normal path to the zone and are relatively safe places for groups to fight lizards pulled from other areas. One of the trees, the one in the northeast, has a safe spot behind it that is actually safer to camp in than the zone. The most common technique for players under level 28 or so is to pull lizards out of the maze and fight them in the Couryard. This is a great way to earn experience and loot and is relatively safe as it is so close to the zone.

The Maze
The maze, located behind the east door in the courtyard, is a confusing series of tunnels populated by Lizard Warders (low 20’s), Defenders (mid 20’s), and Sentinals (mid-high 20’s). Defenders and Sentinals, when they carry weapons, always carry fine steel. Warders carry rusty or bronze. Some of the lizards spawn and stay stationary while others roam. The maze can be very dangerous for two reasons. First, it’s very easy to get lost in there. Second, the winding tunnels make it difficult to pull a single lizard to your party without dragging some of his friends along. A full group of 6 in the mid 20’s should be able to handle 2-3 warders and defenders pretty easily. Soloists should be VERY careful to only pull one. At level 30, I only solo when waiting for a spot to open up in a group and then do it very cautiously. I will stand, hidden, right near the door to the maze and wait for a lone defender or sentinal carrying a weapon (might as well make some money, right?) to pass by. I will then quickly backstab him and pull him to the zone or to a tree to fight. If more than one comes, I zone immediately. This technique is effective but still leaves me with a 10 minutes arse-sitting after each battle (even with a maxed-out bind wounds skill). It’s much more efficient to find a group.

The Gator pools
Deep below Cazic Thule are two underground pools. From the courtyard, you climb either of the two ladders on the south wall and enter the hallway at the top. Descend to a water-filled vertical shaft and swim a long way to the first pool, the Blue Pool (BP). This blue-lit pool is filled with small alligators (much smaller than the crocs found in Oasis) and offers excellent experience. The gators range in level all the way from about 22 to above 35 and hit extremely hard. A level 40 ranger friend of mine still gets experience from some of these gators. On my very first trip to Cazic, a gator had been pulled to the zone just as I zoned in. I looked down and thought "How cute!" right before it bit me for 65 damage. Past the blue pool is a dry tunnel where groups can fight gators pulled from the pool. At the other end of that tunnel is the Green Pool (GP) which is also home to gators as well as a few lizards and the Steel Golem. The Golem sometimes drops the coveted Ravenscale Gloves and can be taken out by a group of low 30’s. The pools are relatively boring areas and devoid of loot (alligators sometimes carry runes or pages but little else) but are incredible areas to gain experience. As with most other areas, full parties are typical so make friends fast and look for shouts from groups looking for members. Make sure your swimming skill is high, as it’s a long way to the zone. I took a rogue guildmate into the pools to meet my group once but didn’t know his swimming skill was below 10. He died before he made it out of the well shaft, barely half way to dry land.

The Throne Room
This is one of, if not the most popular areas of Cazic Thule for anyone from about level 27 to level 35. It’s relatively close to the zone, offers an unending supply of monsters ranging from level 23-35, and is brimming with loot. The Throne Room, or TR, is accessed through the single door on the west wall of the court yard and then making a right at the "T" intersection. The entrance area is a large open room with wide steps leading inside to a small throne area. Inside you will find Lizard Warders, Defenders, Sentinals, Protectors, Pages, Heralds, Justicators, Zealots, Fanatics, and more. There are also two hard-hitting Hulking Gorillas and two named lizards, the Tae Ew Diviner and the Tae Ew Templar. Finally, in the tower above the TR, the Stone Golem spawns. The Templar drops either the lizard scale mantel or lizard scale cloak and, infrequently, the Ravenscale Greaves (legs). The Diviner also drops the mantel or cloak and sometimes the Ravenscale Bracer. The Stone Golem drops the Ravenscale Coif.

Typically, groups in the high 20’s and low 30’s will form in the corners of the first room and pull from the TR. Group etiquette is important as no one wants the TR to become a free-for-all so make sure you know which group is in line to get the next "named" lizard. Higher level (30+) groups will often camp the top of the tower.

The Temple
The Temple is located on the north end of the maze. It is an impressive multi-level pyramid which is covered from top to bottom with higher level lizards (Protectors, Fanatics, zealots, etc.). The inside of the pyramid is hollow and falling inside will drop you into the Green Pool. Full groups of level 30+ are required to stay alive in this area.

The Avatar of Fear’s Room
If you take a left when heading towards the throne room instead of a right, you will eventually end up in the lair of the Avatar of Fear. To get into the Avatar room, you need to swim out into a blue pool, and when you get above the green bubble, you swim down into it. To escape from the Avatar room, you need to run up the supporting pillars of the green bubble, and jump into the green bubble, then once you swim near the top, you need to jump again to get out of the green bubble and into the blue pool. Sounds confusing, but it will make sense when you get there. Full groups of level 35+ are required here.

Ravenscale Locations
This is what you've been waiting for... the list of where to find Ravenscale armor. As you know this used to be known as Rubicite, but has changed to Rogue-only armor called Ravenscale.

Ravenscale Bracers [AC 9, +3 Agi, +3 SV vs Magic]:
Diviner - In the same Throne Room where the Taew Eew Templar spawns. He's an enchanter. He's nasty. He charms people. He has a pet. Make sure your party is well prepared before you tackle him. He also drops the Lizardscale Mantle (AC 5 +3 Int/Wis). Level 28+ should be OK.

Ravenscale Greaves (Legs) [AC 12, +5 Sta, +5 SV vs Disease]:
Taew Eew Templar - In the downstairs Throne Room. A surprisingly easy kill, if you can keep him from healing. He also drops the Lizardscale Cloak (AC 8, +5 Dex). Level 28+ should be OK.

Ravenscale Gauntlets [AC 11, +1 Str, +1 Dex, +3 SV vs Magic]:
Steel Golem - In the green gator pool. Imagine fighting a Hill Giant in hand-to-hand combat and you have roughly the right effect. Tough, but a well organised group can take him. His common drop is a wand of pillage enchantment, 5 charges. Level 28+ should be OK.

Ravenscale Coif [AC 12, +2 Cha, +2 Wis, +5 Int, +5 Sv vs Magic]:
Stone Golem - In the upstairs Throne Room. An easy kill if you can pull him without healers. He hits hard, but he's fragile and dies easily. Level 30+ should be OK.

Ravenscale Vambraces (Arms) [AC 10, +5 Dex, +5 SV vs Fire]:
Tae Ew Archon - At the top of the pyramid on the other side of the maze. Fairly nasty healer. Keep the pressure on and try to eliminate him fast. His common drop is the Lizardscale Belt (AC 2, +10 HP, +10 Mana). Level 30+ should be OK.

Ravenscale Boots [AC 10, +2 Dex, +5 Cha, +2 SV vs Disease/Poison]: Cenobite - In the green bubble, same one where the Avatar of Fear spawns. He's level 35ish. With a good group you can kill him easily. Try to watch for healer lizards in the water above. Try to tackle him when he's alone. He also drops the Cazic-thule gate potion. Level 35+ for this room at all costs.

Ravenscale Breastplate
[AC 19, +5 Str, +15 HP, +5 SV vs Disease/Poison]:
Avatar of Fear - In the green bubble. He's really nasty. I have seen him tear a level 50 shaman to bits, so be prepared! Buff up and don't pull within 5 minutes of his spawn time! His common drop is the Bladed Thiulian Claw (5/19 1HS, primary hand ONLY). Level 35+ for this room at all costs.

The main tip for the Avatar/Cenobite room is to observe the water ABOVE the green bubble. 3 lizards will spawn in here. If one or both of them is a healer, eliminate them. As soon as melee mobs spawn there, leave them be. These guys will not aggro on you as long as you stay out of the green bubble. Healers up there will heal anything below, however, so make sure those guys are melee mobs (and stay melee mobs!).
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