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Default More Help for Innoruuk(Deathfist Belt)

Originally Posted by Nilbog [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I could not find the following as a classic quest. If someone knows more about it, please update the thread with specifics.
More Help for Innoruuk(Deathfist Belt)
Dark Ones- 5rep
Shadowknights of Night Keep- 1rep
Frogloks of Guk- -1rep
Researching the More help for Innoruuk quest and came across this old post from Nilbog. The original thread is closed so couldn't quote or add to it. Had to manually create the quote tag, hope I got it right. If not, here's the post.

The reason you didn't find the quest is because it was moved to Bregna post Velious; during out (entire) timeline the quest is given by Kaglari.

Hope this helps.
Originally Posted by Allakhazam
You say, 'Meez want help innoruuk'

Kaglari says 'Me hears orcs nearby are trubble. Da werd frum Neriak is dey wants us ta kills dem before dey organize. Dark elf say ta looks for Deathfist Clan. Say dey called cen-tu-ri-ons. Dey try ta gets big orc army. Shows me ya can strike fear and hate inta dem orcs.. dey needs be more scared a us den dem humies. Brings me a Deathfist slashed belt.'

<Give Kaglari 1 deathfist slashed belt>

Kaglari says 'Good job. Dat help lerns um. Takes dis ta help ya lerns how ta do more hateful tings. Ya gots a good starts fer Him ta be prouds a ya.'
Your faction standing with Dark Ones got better.
Your faction standing with Shadowknights of Night Keep got better.
Your faction standing with Frogloks of Guk got worse.

<You receive the spell: spirit pouch>

The first quest has been in the game since the start so I don't know why it isn't in here. I am not sure about the second quest as I never bothered with the first quest until today.

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