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Assuming you can’t get to planes.

Arms: Crafted bought – or sebilite scale arms if you are aiming for proccer based. -0 400pp
Back: Hooded black cloak 3k
Chest: Crafted is perfectly acceptable and a really decent item but file in the back of your head that a Tree weave, though leather actually has more AC on it than crafted. Both options will run around 700pp
Ear: Diamondine earrings are ok if you just want to toss something in there but you really will want to end up at the sarnak fort in loio and get 2 sarnak earrings of station, 1.4k to buy the starter earrings.
Face: Cultural shines in neck and face slots for stats and good ac but you can grab a Targishin's Bone Mask for about 1.5k
Feet: Cobalt Boots, cobalt boots, cobalt boots did I mention cobalt boots? 500pp
Rings: Platinum Fire Wedding rings, cheap fast and good 450pp for both
Hands: Crafted do not suck, not with 5 str on them, 350pp
Head: Skull Shaped Barbute. You will bag it for MR gear even after you replace it 500pp
Legs: Crafted kind of suck, so chip in the extra plat and get sebilite scale or kylong greaves 1800pp
Neck: Runed Lava Pendant, you lose a little ac over fine plate but you get 6 str in return, invest the money 2.5k
Shoulder: Cultural shines in this spot too but if you aren’t the right race you can pick up crafted or crested spaulders for pretty cheap 500pp
Waist: You’re stuck with a crappy AC fbss, beg your way into sky as soon as you are planar and pick up a belt of contention when it rots. If you want to skip haste then pick up a TBB or Mithril plated girth for 2k
Wrist: Hero Bracer for 300, and probably a bracer of scavenging for 1500 (alternate low ac option, granite bracer for 2k)
DPS Weapon: Staff of Battle 1500pp
Aggro weapons: Pre 37: Obsidian Shards 200pp Post 37: Yaks 1400pp, whenever it starts proccing grab a sarnak warhammer for your primary, 5k

There, that is a perfectly acceptable non raid tank setup for 25.5k and if you want to aim for more dex, sta and hp there are a few alternate options for similar prices.
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