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Arrow Noob/Pre-Planar Cleric Gear (Various)

Moonstone Ring 25-30pp each (x2)
Jasper Gold Earring 20-25pp each (x2)
Chrysoberyl Talisman 100pp
Nightshade Wreath 50pp (Or Savant's Cap 20-25pp)
Platinum Armband 50pp
Bloodstained Tunic 50-75pp
Lizardscale Belt 25pp
Wolf Fur Slippers 25-50pp
Split Paw Hide Gloves 5-15pp
Sharkbone Warhammer 30-40pp
Small Wisdom Deity 25pp
Charred Guardian Shield 100pp

PST to Heilun or Xanzirel in-game, or alternatively post a reply in the thread if I'm offline [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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