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Galelor, that guy did some cool stuff! ill look into it some more tomorrow! BTW I updated the OP to have a project that i've had completed for a while but just tweeked some. The patch will signicantly improve the clients lighting and shaders. Also it adds a mild bloom effect and effects the contrast and saturation a bit to make the game look more vivid. I must warn that it takes a pretty powerful PC to run it though. My PC struggles a bit but it looks awesome. Extract these files into your EQ folder. It should automatically work let me know if it doesn't if anyone tries it out. Ill upload some screen shots at some point (such a hassle .. sigh) lol. Well heres the link, just extract it into you EQ folder. To turn effects off and off hit Shift + F12. This is a good way to see the comparision. To remove the effect completely just delete the files.