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Originally Posted by Raev [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I have periodically gotten strength buffs and Primal Avatar on my charmed pets before but I've never been religious about it. It's a good find. Yet another reason Shaman are the Necro's best friend.
Pets, being npcs get full 1:1 benefit from both attack (direct attack and str) boosting buffs. Str + focus stack on a pet will make that pet hit for max damage the vast majority of time (only exception being velious raid mobs with high ac). It's a little trick i learned on live that works in classic too. It won't make them hit higher than their max hit but it will make them hit consistently more often and severely deflected toward their upper max hit threshold. This holds true for charm pets as well. I always ask shamans to buff pets and charm pets in group (mine or otherwise).

Interestingly, unlike player characters, they also benefit 1:1 on ac (*to include agility and how it raises your visible ac). Players have soft caps etc. Tossing an ac and agility buff on a pet makes it a stupidly strong tank vs not having.

Pets are fun. NPCs that follow NPC rules controlled by PCs.
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