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One of our members gave me a link for Web IRC, so you all can join our guild chat channel without having to download any software whatsoever. Just go to, select the server: Rizon, use your forum name as your nick, and channel: #uthgard, then hit 'Connect'. Try to idle there as often as you can.

Originally Posted by backman_66
We've created an IRC channel for our guild-to-be, for the time being, for all of us to meet in, on, channel #uthgard. It's great especially for a crew with varying time zones, we should all idle in our channel as much as possible, to get familiar with each other, live chat is a much better way of me answering any additional questions you may have, or even scheduling group times by posting them in the topic.

If you've never used IRC before, it's a simple chat-room kind of server, stands for Internet Relay Chat. To get the windows client, go to, it's a fairly straight forward setup. Once you setup your nick/alias (use your p99 forum names for now, so I'll know who's who for the time being,) do /server, then /join #uthgard. You can even register your nick with a password so that no one can steal your name there and we'll always know it's the real you, syntax is: /msg Nickserv register passwordhere emailhere, then you'll get an email with a confirmation code you'll have to enter and that's that.
There's another way for all of you guys to communicate via live chat on iRC, for those who never used it before, it's a chat client - very easy to setup.

Windows Client software:
channel: #uthgard

It's a great way for everyone to meet everyone else who will be playing, to ask any questions you might have, or discuss everything from class specs to game mechanics, even play times or guild events. We can even leave messages in the topic section of the channel, so that even if no one is in there, you'll still be able to see it, kind like an ingame MOTD.

1) Download & install the client at

2) When you start the app, just put in your nick, preferrably same one as your forum one

2a) What you can also do is register your nick with the server, so that only you can use it on that server, it's a good security measure.

3) In the Servers section, add "" with the default port: 6667

4) Then hit "Select", it will take you back to the Connect section, then hit "Connect"

4a) An alternative way to connect to a server is to simply type "/server" in the console/status window, or to change your nick without reconnecting by doing "/nick newname"

5) Finally type /join #uthgard, and you're done

Cya in there!
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