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Default Newbie Druid Gearing?

I tried searching for this topic, but only saw people asking how to gear their Druids with upwards of 2k pp to spend.

My 13 Druid is my second highest character, after my 15 Shaman (who is a continent away). I only have about 170 pp on my Druid which I've just been saving for spells, but was wondering if there's something decently cheap worth picking up at this level.

A kind soul gave me some awesome gear when I was naked at the lift, and I know I'll be using this for awhile:

Ear - Brass Earrings x2 - AC +2
Finger - (Nothing slotted)
Head - Crown of Leaves - AC +1, WIS +5
Face - Small Tattered Mask - AC +2
Neck - Chrysoberyl Talisman - AC +5, WIS +3, MANA +20
Hands - Split Paw Hide Gloves - AC +4, DEX +3, WIS +2
Wrist - Ivory Bracelet x2 - AGI +3, MANA +20
Arms - Raw-hide Sleeves - AC +4
Chest - Werewolf-hide Jerkin - AC +9, STR +3, AGI +3
Shoulders - Small Tattered Shoulderpads - AC +2
Back - Kunzar Cloak - AC +7, WIS +2, INT +2

Tl;dr Any relatively cheap lowbie Druid gear that's worth picking up, or do I have too little pp and should just save for spells?