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While I didn't parse them yet, there was a pretty big difference in the time it took to down the same mobs when I started using the 50+ pets. 50+ Water > 50+ Air > 50+ Earth > any pet below that. It shouldn't be that surprising, either. The earth pet has a damage component to the root 50+ which is bigger than the water nuke at 49. It also hits harder and more often due to the level difference.

Dyzil's is an interesting case because it is far more mana efficient solo than the others (if trying to compete for 100% XP), but in a group situation the 50+ pets will be better than the 49 ones.

Another interesting tidbit is that the 54 water beats the 57 Earth using the same metrics. Probably unsurprising considering the nuke does twice the damage as the root and once the mob starts running, backstabs end it quickly.

TL;DR: use 50+ pets* as you get them in a group situation unless you REALLY don't want that mob rooted for some reason.

*Unspoken pets are left unspoken.