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-Jaundice Bone Greaves 17k
-Iksar Hide Mask 11k
-Sarnak Battle Shield 1.5k


-Invoke Death 350
-Bond of Death 350
-Lich 300
-Dead Man Floating 100



And as always, i am always buying items for resale.

I buy (most) items for a discounted rate, to help you get out of the tunnel faster! Basic breakdown of how I buy is as follows

1,000-3,000 = 65% of value
3,000-7,000 = 70% of value
7,000-10,000 = 75% of value
10,000-50,000 = 80-85% of value
50k+ Negotiable

I try to avoid DN Weapons (unless exquisite), PoM Cards/Quest Items, But Doesnt Hurt To Ask. Worst I Say Is No.

I Also Offer Auction Service Where I Sell Your Items For 8% Commission! Many References And Happy Past Customers! Give Me A Try!