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Default New player: can't login

Hello, so I'm a new 99 player but old EQ player. I followed all the instructions on the guide and made sure to launch from "Launch Titanium" and not the EQ launcher.

I didn't update it, I've added/deleted all the files that are needed and when I launch EQ, via Launch Titanium, I get the eq 99 welcome message.

The problem comes when I try to log in, I put in my user name, Sevas, and my password but it tells me the password is wrong. I did just have to change my password, if there's some sort of delay. The message I get is "db error - invalid password". Should it be asking for my "Station Name and Password"?

Are there other steps required? Years ago my buddy set this up for me on another PC and I remember him editing some info in one of the files to make it launch. Don't remember why or if it mattered.

I apologize if this has been asked a hundred times, I tried searching the forums but I didn't seem to find the right word combination.
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