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Sounds like you may be using the wrong account to log in:

There are two distinct accounts that must be created before you can log into the game. The first is a forum account. A forum account alone can not be used to log into the game, but can be used to manage any number of Loginserver accounts which will let you log in and play.

This entire process can be completed by following the Account Setup / Play Guide.
i.e. There is a forum account and a loginserver account. Both need to be created separately, which you can do by following the link in the quote. The key part is step 4.

I introduced a friend to P99 who had a similar problem. They used the same name for both accounts, but forgot that they used different passwords for each. So make sure you're using the correct loginserver credentials when trying to connect to the game

Also, I've fixed some weird log in issues in the past just by using WinEQ2 (download).
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