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Default Mage vs necro; my experience

-sustained dps and burst is pretty amaze balls. Only class that consistently does more dmg is a charm class with a good/strong pet buffed/hasted and DW. Rogues lose out over time.
-utility is there but ‘meh’. Rods and coth are neat. DS is always welcome. Summon toys are cute. But overall? ‘Meh’
-simple play style (a positive or negative depending on preference)

Damage potential dps grade A+ Baseline plus burn
Overall grade B+
Ability to make/break a group C-

-sustained dps and burst is ‘meh’ unless charming. It’s decent and worth a group spot with summon pet but nothing impressive. Parses are good-ish but nothing flashy
-utility is outstanding to include heals/rez/cc but for already well balanced groups is often redundant. Summons and rezzes are expensive.
-for atypical or otherwise flawed groups they are godly.
-charm dps in the right location is the bees-knees but charm also negates other valuable utility given the risk of charm breaks without the enchanter toolkit for control and recovery
-if charming pet dps is possibly greater but the sum total compared to mage is more or equal (possibly higher, possibly lower)
-complex play style

Usual damage potential dps grade B- to B+
Possible dmg potential if charming A+
Overall grade A
Ability to make or break group A-

For MOST groups I feel my mage brings more to the table as most groups don’t need the extra necro perks. For odd groups necro is undeniably more potent. I think I’m mostly bitter that even a max summon EoT is underwhelming compared to 57 earth, 59 air or 60 water pet and it costs 10p per attempted summon.

If joining as strictly dps mage is strong. Necro is decent.

Maybe my opinion will change when necro is 60 and has demi lich.
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