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Originally Posted by Raavak [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
It will get you killed.
Yup, which is why I strongly discourage any bard from ever using a twisting combination macro.

One of the interesting things about playing a bard on p99 is that there is no legal way to make it *simple*. You have to manually cast the song you want when you want it.
If bards on p99 never missed a note and had a /melody command, the class would not only be lord_of_the_afk, they'd function at 75%+ capacity while afk. On live, most people who box bards without 3rd party software just /melody 1 2 3 4 with aura up and afk tab out.

As it stands, you remember the bards you group with. The great ones stick out and always get groups/invites quickly. The bad ones? Likewise ... you earn your reputation.

Swarming (even in the modern/nerfed version) results in many bards finding themselves level 50+ with no clue how to play the class. This, paired with people still pissed at getting trained our robbed of mobs while leveling, results in a lot of the bard hate that still resonates with this server's population.

Originally Posted by Lhancelot [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Save your fingers and hands from permanent crippling damage now and skip this PITA class. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome aint worth it. Not to me anyway.
Compared to modern games, a keystroke every 3 seconds is laughably insignificant.

Bard isn't for everyone. Since more or less retiring my bard (nothing to do without sacrificing my soul to the raid scene on p99), I've run across a few great bards, several mediocre bards, and a lot of BAD BARDS who had no idea what to do in a group 50+. Those that listen to advice get better (sometimes good). Some will just always suck.

TLDR Version?

-Fuck combination macro attempts.
-Learn your song book
-Know what to sing and when to sing it
-Manually sing your songs
-Pay attention
-Bards are not an afk or 'kinda paying attention' friendly class

The manual/technical skill of playing a bard on p99 (a click every 3 seconds) is quite low and will not give you carpal tunnel.
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