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Originally Posted by Mcbard [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
The only camps I could see this being an issue at would be something that dropped a high $$ item such as frenzy, lord, or efreeti where items are all worth 5k+. In this case it should probably be discussed beforehand on how it will be handled.

I'm pro nbg because I don't give a shit about a 300plat RMB, and you shouldn't either or you're just an asshole imo.
I don't think a higher value item necessitates NbG. The question of whether one person gets more utility out of receiving an FBSS from camping (say, a rogue/monk/warrior), than a caster would out of selling it and buying an equivalent is actually really subjective.

Because we don't know what the warrior/rogue/monk does, we don't know if they would use the money more effectively. If they used it the rest of their career - great. But the rogue eventually gets his epic - and the FBSS is then sold and use to pad their bank account.

My opinion of the best loot system (for most cases) is everyone may roll on everything, but rules dictate how much loot someone can get - i.e. you roll on FBSS and win, you can't roll on Yak if it drops later.

Usually it's not that sophisticated, though, and I don't group now as much as I did on live, so...
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I'll look into getting it changed to The Secret Order of the Silver Rose of Truth and Dragons.