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Originally Posted by karsten [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
i am very rarely in a group that isnt nbg, and if I am, it is very clearly communicated as such beforehand. I would flip my shit if a necro rolled on a fungi over me, and just as has been mentioned, would be equally silly to roll on rare jug spells if there are casters in the group that need them

wtf is wrong with you people, i thought we were friends here?
See I actually think the Fungi Tunic is a good example of something that has an NBG feel to it given how powerful it is on an appropriate melee class however its Platinum value is so great that I can't blame people for going greed on it.
Originally Posted by Endonde View Post
Yea well you know, 6 years of Velious everything has been killed, only thing left to do is speedrun killing Detoxx guilds.