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Default PoM sniff file

Sorry this was the best I could dig out from the sniff project. My logs are not here.

No max hits but lots of zone data.


Logs repo
I have created an EQMac folder in our logs repo here:

You have to first login by going to this page: and use:

user: peq_guest
password: guestpw

You will see a message about this board having no forums. That's fine, ignore it. You can can then get to the logs page linked above and upload your logs.

The General folder will be used if we need to collect a specific function and not necessarily a zone, such as using sense heading for instance.

The Chat folder I thought we could use to upload the results of /log in-game. When we get going, I do recommend everybody using /log while collecting/playing as that will contain tons of great data including con data, quest texts, items looted, spells cast, and after parsing NPC HP and damage.

Obviously, if anybody is concerned about security/wishes to remain anonymous but still wants to share data PM me and we will work something else out!
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