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I don't know of any off the top of my head, except I think someone wrote one in the forum years ago, specifically for the 2nd floor. EDIT: I couldn't find it, but I think I might have been misremembering, because the Evil Shaman Guide has a section on it at the bottom (but the 2nd level has mobs that are too high level for you right now anyway)

The 2nd floor requires a little trickiness to get to, so that's why someone made a guide for it, but most of the zone is on the first floor and is very straightforward. Walk in, kill some mobs, run to zone line if anything goes wrong. Go deeper as you learn the place. My advice would be to just go try it.

Maybe bring an IVU potion, as it might help getting around, but the mix of undead and non-undead means it's no guarantee of safe passage.

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