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The Blade of Stategy Proc is also Fire based, and is 100DD as well reducing a Mobs ATK by 40 and their AC by 11 for 2 minutes.

The Blade of Tactics is a right clickable effect, which increases Dex by 40, ATT by 30, and AC by 12. This also lasts 2 minutes.
The Warriors are also slightly dissapointed with the primary held 1HS, as it at its current ratio, is not as good as currently available weapons (amiditly from places like VP), and cannot keep up the taunt factor that they require. Also the Blade of Tactics is NOT a right click effect, but a proc, and also most importantly, the buffs that it produces do not allow Cleric buffs to stack.
I think the shittier version is the kunark version (from the link and above link - with less hp, and what appears to be no hate in the proc)
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