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Originally Posted by azeth [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
See I actually think the Fungi Tunic is a good example of something that has an NBG feel to it given how powerful it is on an appropriate melee class however its Platinum value is so great that I can't blame people for going greed on it.
Yeah - I tend to feel that only best-in-game items are 100% NBG items. Everything else is negotiable, since the plat value of the item might be worth even more to the other player in buyable gear.

I dunno about Fungi. Fungi was so friggin game breaking for so many (it literally revolutionized my monk's ability to solo and a shaman friend of mine was like a mana battery with it). It's one of those items that simply didn't have any peers.
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I'll look into getting it changed to The Secret Order of the Silver Rose of Truth and Dragons.