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Default SK epic run through, few questions

Trying to piece together some stuff, Looks fairly straight forward I am just wondering if anyone can tell me what corners can be cut etc. Looking through one part, I see you need the soulcase from kerra isle. but there is the other stages i put in bold. It looks like these are for nothing and can be skipped entirely? you just need to pickup a soul case for later, then you can head straight to the hole, kill a mimic for the key and be ready to fight kyrenna.

Anyone know if Rharzar can be slowed? the wiki says just level 55 cleric see invis summon etc, googled it and some old guides(non p99) say hes very high MR immune. Just checking because if he can be slowed i can probably just duo him, otherwise I will need a tank and real healer.

Any other tips appreciated, I am told that with a faction necklace click you can basically bypass all the faction grinding to do this quest now too.

( ) Hail Knarthenne Skurl in Toxxulia Forest and get a Soulcase
( ) Hail Marl Kastane in Kerra Isle and get a Seal of Kastane
( ) Hail Gerot Kastane in Paineel and get the Note to Marl
( ) Give the Note to Marl Kastane

( ) Hail Caradon in a jail cell in the Hole