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Originally Posted by Cecily [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Iím still horrified I participated in this.

So youíre telling me you want me to give you my number and youíll tell me to come play the game when Iím doing something else. And this is the only way to get gear? People are actually this pathetic?

What the hell, sure. Iím suicidally depressed anyways.
Hustling, they do the work and get the cream (aren't you going to school?) You look back on it now like a lot of things, you can't believe you did it but you did.. you have a SOW sword and claws ffs..

I respond to BPs when I am at the computer, I don't run home or wake up for them as I have other things to be doing. So I don't get that loot/DKP, I don't get playboy models and ferraris either so its just something I have to deal with.

sorry you lack control to keep that shit in check but sometimes you seem to?

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