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Duxa ui does simplify swapping quite a bit. Highly recommended.

I would argue prior to level 20 when other hybrids are gaining double attack bard melee is fine and the vast majority of your damage. 20-30 it’s situational and post 30 when you have a full twist of 4 DoT songs it’s pretty much 95% of the time better to use even store bought instruments over anything short of end game ratio weapons vs low level/high hit rate targets.

A non-classic change I always thought would be balanced was giving bards under the effect of their self-only melee buff haste line “whistling warsong / inspiration” a set chance to double attack and/or increased chance of dual wield checks. It would allow weapons to still be relevant in the second half of your levels. A quality of life also very non-classic feature would be allowing instruments to equipped in your range slot but that might trivialize the “skill” of playing of bard.