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Originally Posted by GnomeLuvr [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
It's already obvious that the guise and mana stone camps are going to be a pain in the tush for the GMs, as well as everyone who wants one that is not a part of whatever alliance (whether guilds, group of friends, or whatever) that will have those camps locked down.

What if those items were left out on Green from the get-go? How many people would not bother with green, because their plan for Green is to load up on those items in case Green does merge with Blue at the end of it's timeline?

I hope that if those items are in the Green loot tables, that Green never merges with Blue (which I have never seen anything from the GMs saying that would happen, anyway). I don't have any of those types of high-dollar items, and my play is not negatively impacted in any way by not having them. I would rather see Green drama remain on Green, and not bleed into Blue if/when they're merged.
Confused by this mentality, what do you care if someone who has ample time to lock down these time limited items carries them over to blue IF they get merged? They are going to be camped probably non-stop regardless if blue and green merges or not.. This is the second thread saying the same thing (that I have seen, probably been more) and it always just looks like "I don't have the time/intention/allies to camp the items before they are gone, or won't be able to get into the camp cause others are "having fun" camping them non stop, so I don't want anyone else to be able to either"

If they did get merged over to blue, does it matter that there are more manastones on blue?
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