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Originally Posted by NegaStoat [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Easy answer to the situation.

Step 1 - confirm that the GM's will enforce player-created server rules involving mob camps on Green like they will on Blue.
Step 2 - encounter a camp such as manastone or guise with a very small group of people wanting to 'lock it' and roate with each other.
Step 3 - gain the support of a substantial amount of people to agree that special item camps should involve lines of characters using a list, and that the campers logging off to log on alts would be prohibited.
Step 4 - get the thumbs up from the GM's that the agreement has overwhelming support.
Step 5 - enjoy classic lines of people waiting for rare drops just like they did back on old retail classic for the Najena Jboots, etc.

Bonus points for asking the GM's to ban accounts linked to the ISP of a person breaking the rule.
It's an answer, but far from an easy one.

I helped try to establish the Shady Goblin agreement, and it was a nightmare. It took weeks, it was frustrating, and it was fragile: if one more Siryado had been there I truly believe we wouldn't have a Shady Goblin agreement today.

What it really boils down to is that player agreements on P99 are consensus-based, and while consensus systems are awesome when you have a group of regulars (my college student government used consensus extremely effectively), they're a nightmare with groups of complete strangers.

It shouldn't take some massive player effort, repeated at every popular camp, just to establish an extremely basic rule that virtually every player on the server would agree with.

Everyone should have to wait in line until it's their turn. No lockouts, and no using relationships with friends or guildies to gain any advantage over other players.

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