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Seal team is not a bad guild, they just have horrible vetting for some reason, and horrible enforcement, they want masses, and with masses and being first comes plenty of assholes, if you dont at least cut the most outlandishly dickheaded assholes out , then you are gonna get a really bad rep from maybe 4 or 5 people ruining the name of the entire guild.

Same thing happened with Dark men, Mostly everyone in that guild rocked and were super cool nice fair people, but they had maybe 3 people they let run rampent and curse people out and act a fool like Lestoor and his tunnel goonies, and it ruined the rep to the point i was being rejected from groups for a guild name. Guilds gotta cut the biggest losers or it really does hurt reputation, unless you just don't care and want raid numbers... but its gonna come back to bite you in the ass when that person fucks over the guild for a big ticket item or something worse happens.

In the long run.. you lose more people then you gain by keeping people like that because your Rep excludes some really good players from joining your guild that normally would love to be top guild material, they will join a secondary force with less assholes involved. But yeah, Pamilia is a true die hard dickhead