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Originally Posted by maltazar [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Hey Guys,

I was able to play earlier today without problem (At one point my breaker that has my modem and router on it popped, still not sure why, but after flipping it back and reconnecting to the internet I was able to log in again). I took a break for about 5 hours or so and now when trying to login I am able to get to the server list however when I try to join any server I get "An unknown error occurred while trying to join the server."

I did read the FAQ and attempted:

10. "An unknown error occurred while trying to join the server" I get this error, what do i do?

This issue can happen for a number of reasons, usually it can be fixed by simply attempting to log in a few times. However, if you find that you still can't log in,
try changing your eqhost.txt file from: butterfly clicking mouse



But then when trying to login at the Account and Password screen it says "Error - A timeout occurred"

Any ideas?
Thanks my issue has been solved now
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