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Originally Posted by Swish [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
A druid who's watching something on Netflix at the same time.

Not to say you can't quad and be doing other stuff but don't bring people down for root rotting, works for shamans <3
Juat pointing out that quadding and charm killing is way more efficient than root rotting as druid.

Don't try to convolute my point here, we talking about druids not shamans.

***I forgot, I actually knew a guy that did root rotting majority of the time on his druid. It was because he wasn't very good at quadding so he did root rotting as it was easier for him. he also did have times whe he had to afk, so it helped him then too. It's much harder to manage a quad or charms when you have a sudden AFK pop up.
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