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Default Chapter 3 - Fisting and Fine Pants

Chapter 3 - Fisting and Fine Pants

Takato lounged lazily on a bed of silk covered orc hair pillows in the tent his party had erected on the Table of Castle Crushbone's great dinging hall while his minion Jonaker and its elemental brethren rampaged throughout the castle. Gnopanteez scurried about relieving the dead of their possessions while Bonezai meditated on a fine Ro carpet.

Takato popped a fat purple grape in his mouth and with a waggle of his stubby little fingers rained fire on the Throne Room melee. Jonaker, the other elemental and Tekilia were spared the fires' wrath. It was a smart bomb. The orcs were not so lucky. The room erupted with gruesome howls and the pleasing scent of victory and barbecue.

Tekilia had stowed her rods and was judiciously practicing the ancient art of Fisting. She'd learned the basics in her homeland of Pu'Tang and thoroughly enjoyed the art, but quickly found the power and efficiency of a thick rod in her hand intoxicating. She'd all but abandoned fisting since she left her homeland, but now relished the simplicity of the art and reveled in the satisfaction her fists delivered.

In an age of increasingly larger weapons, the simple fist was often forgotten. The fist had even lost ground among monks. Nevertheless, it was still held in the highest regard among the most elite monks of Norrath: those of Tekilia's Pu'Tang and the legendary Wu'Tang imported to Antonica by Wu Shifu of the Silent Fists. It was an art of sacred import for the devout and its practice a time honored tradition among those mightiest of schools.

At first, Tekilia had found her accuracy lacking and the orcs seemed unconcerned as her assaults met more air than orc flesh. She persevered though, fisting for the better part of every day for two weeks and it had paid off. She improved rapidly and now that her talents had taken over, she was approaching Master Class. Orcs squealed in fright at the sight of her Silver Chitin Wrapped fists.

The most recent attempt by the orcs of Clan Crushbone to reclaim the castle proper drew to a close as the last Legionnaire dropped to the ground, its charred flesh cracked and flaking. Tekilia rinsed her hands in Jonaker and then dried them in its airy companion Konakn. She turned her attention to the fresh young face waiting quietly near the dining table.

The lovely elf maiden had appeared straight from the shadows and in the frenzy of the melee had almost slipped back into them, a secret to be held in quiet by the castle alone. She was not quick enough though, not for the astute senses of Tekilia Pu'Tang.

In the midst of a meleeTekilia's sharp eyes had caught sight of less frenzied, more purposed movement across the room as her fist sank into an Orc Centurion. The creature squealed in agony. Tekilia moved for a better vantage, deftly evading the enraged counterattacks of the injured creature. Near a window on the far side of the room a fashionably outfitted young woman dashed for the door.

"Your pants are lovely!" Tekilia cried. The petite thing halted her retreat. confused, she scanned the chaos of the melee once more and found Tekilia smiling brightly at her.
"Thank you," she quietly replied, the slightest of smiles gracing her pretty face. Blue light poured form her hands as she gracefully drew her outstretched arms overhead. Tekilia squirmed with delight as she felt the Spirit of Wolf enter her. The minor scratches she'd sustained fisting the orcs mended themselves as she began to regenerate with the power of Chloroplast. Her skin was like nature. The High Druidess beamed a smile at Tekilia.

Tekilia still pulsed with the light of nature as she approached the young elf.
"I LOVE your pants," she said.
"Thank you," quietly replied the elf through a tight-lipped smile, bashfully glancing away as if to escape the oppressive enthusiasm of Tekilia's approving smile. "There were more like them if you-" she continued.
"Oh, where?!" Tekilia pressed enthusiastically.
"I will check if they have your size."
"Oh no, I don't want to impose. If you would share the location with me I can search them out when I've finished expunging the orcs of Clan Crushbone."
"It's no trouble at all!' replied the elf, a bit more enthusiastically. She smiled more broadly at Tekilia and with a thunderous crack, the young maid slipped into a portal and was gone.
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