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Default Realtime auction logger (hourly refresh, may increase)

Hello all,

I have a new logger up at my site - unlike the wiki logger this is updated much more frequently and includes the actual /auc listings (one for each unique seller found).

You can view it at:

For this to show current info users will need to submit their logs in real time. To simplify that, I have added a Windows exe (as well as *nix shell scripts) that will scan your defined log directory and send in the newest lines of your logs to the auction server.

You will not need to refresh the page to view updated auctions, some javascript will handle that for you.

There is also a search box, this search accepts all types of regex arguments (if you are unfamiliar, I will list some common ones):

To see all auctions for sale of a certain item (in this case a flowing black silk sash), filter by some custom "sale" verbage and the item name, by typing the following into the search box:
(wts|sell|wtt).*(fbss|flowing black silk)
To see all auctions of people wanting to buy a FBSS, you could enter:
(wtb|buy).*(fbss|flowing black silk)
I still have my EQ Atlas mirror with restyling up at:
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