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Originally Posted by Smedy [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
For the sake of pixel satefy i'm compiling a list of players that jumped ship and should be considered untrustworthy for future everquest related projects such as Teams99.

Lets get started


Known Aliases: Heartbrand, Checkraise, "The Main Jew", Jew

Synopsis: Heartbrand started on server around launch 2011, joined Nihilum to fight Holocaust. Became a holocaust spy and leaked inner top secret Nagafen/Vox exploits to Holocaust who later got banned for using this exploit. Later started the "Resistance" to fight Nihilum only to go full 360 and end up in nihilum again with the rebels guildbank in his pocket.

Conclusion: Should never ever be trusted with guildbank or secret information.



Known Aliases: Gongshow

Synopsis: Gongshow is a wildcard, highly skilled in the jousting and all around pvp but lacks loyalty to his fellow crew. Can easily be bought with pixels.

Conclusion: Good pvp player, easily blackmailed with pixels. Make sure you get gongshow whatever he wants otherwise you'll loose him.


Theough & Kayela

Known Aliases: Walrus, Yeti, Fat

Synopsis: Theough and Kaylea goes together like hand and glove. Both are highly unstable and emotional. This very impulsive couple isn't only terrible at the game but left their long time guild over loot drama only to jump into another loot drama within the new guild almost the same week and ended up going back to their resident guild. They were also involved in stripping/deleting another friends of theirs character that they simply "did not like anymore" (Password leak, had someone else do the dirty deeds for them).

Conclusion: Stay as far away from these players as you can, there's nothing to be gained here, bad at game and can't be trusted. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!



Known Aliases: Littlegyno 1.0, Littlegyno 2.0, Littlegyno 3.0, Littlegyno 4.0, Littlegyno 5.0, Littlegyno 6.0, Littlegyno 7.0, Littlegyno 8.0, Littlegyno 9.0, Tyrionn

Synopsis: Gyno is a known RMT user, will pay to get plvl in pizzas or blooming onions. Has a good sense of humor and all around funny guy, does not contribute to any pvp or pve related things.

Conclusion: Wont lead you to great pvp victory, but will make you laugh. Can probably be trusted if your guild already has 51% of "aimchat" in GC.



Known Aliases
: Gloinzz, "The PVP Champ", Boozie Fade

Synopsis: Gloinzz is the peoples champ, who fight with the poor against the rich. That was until this fellow shortie decided to leave his poor walmart pals to get some free pixels, only to later get banned for unknown reasons (MQ?)

Conclusion: Cool level headed guy, he left his pals but i think this might have been a one time thing, was highly influensed by Grozz's brother Roggeh on that topic.



Known Aliases: Sektor, Sektorx

Synopsis: Known RMT kingpin, bought his entire stock of characters. Came to red99 with good intentions, ended up like many joining the very thing he swore to fight against.

Conclusion: Great guy to contact if you're quitting the box for obvious reasons.



Just to clarify, i didnt leave Nihilum to join Azrael over loot.

Was hoping the opposition would prove to have some hope of suceeding, and a week later after listening to teamspeak realized how grave an error i made and thus i went back home. Also, i did not do anything to mellows account.

Anyone can guess 123456789 as someones password.... Which was indeed his pw.