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Default level 50 warrior, progression player from EQ mac server.

Hey guys, i noticed a lot of great hard work going into this, and I'd love to help out make things better. Although I know a lot has changed from EQ classic to PoP era... I play on the EQmac server and have played in one of the progression guilds there, and currently maintain an Everquest Classic playstyle.

I have all classic gear lvl 50 ogre warrior that can be used for data gathering, parsing, etc. on that server IF those values can be used to develop a better system here. I BELIEVE that the game play is VERY similar to the way it was in classic, the difficulty for a warrior (or any class) is very high and challenging.

Reading here I'm assuming that the information from the EQmac server can aid in getting closer to what everyone wants. I noticed Tollen is here (hey Tollen!) and although I won't be able to join this server or really play any everquest until mid Dec. I'm willing to donate my character if Tollen, or any recognizable Eqmac player if they are willing to put in the work!

Oh, and Hi! I'm Dopp 65 cleric former applicant of Temerity and my progression player is Gubb 50 warrior former member of Dead Halfling Society and Vintage. And I'm seriously ecstatic to join in on this server!

Also, I have access to my girlfriend's lvl 50 wizard as well if any of the information from clothies can help too.