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Old 08-20-2019, 11:13 PM
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Default Proposed Raid Changes

Recently there has been discussion amongst guild leaders with the goal of allowing smaller, casual guilds to experience the content monopolised by the big guilds. Aftermath would love to take part in this initiative in support of the smaller independent guilds to see content, practice strategies, and win the loot from the game's top bosses.

With the rooting of the dragons, addition of linked guard aggro, and 100% summon mechanics, NToV encounters have changed dramatically. Aftermath has always had a reputation for being a zerg, but in the zone line pull era smaller guilds always had a chance to contest and win content through skillful play and determination. This current era has given mega-zergs such an advantage that smaller guilds effectively have no chance at beating them.

In recognition of this, and with the upcoming launch of P99 Green and "other endeavors", we think now is a great time to open up a lot of content for everyone to share in a less cut-throat environment, whilst allowing people to maintain their identities and play with friends without being forced into the top guilds.

We would like to exclude Earthquakes from this agreement. During Earthquakes every guild seems to get a fair share of mobs that they desire as it is and feel it is not needed here.

As such, Aftermath is willing to leave all of the inner ring of NToV up and uncontested on alternating weeks. The inner ring of NToV consists of:
  • Aaryonar
  • Dagarn the Destroyer
  • Lady Mirenilla
  • Lord Feshlak
  • Lord Koi`Doken
  • Lord Kreizenn
  • Lord Vyemm
  • Vulak`Aerr

No time limits, no limits on the number of attempts, no restrictions. Every other spawn of these dragons will result in a fair shot for any other guilds who wish to give it a go - whether that's solo or united as part of an alliance - provided our friends in Riot will adhere to this too.

All of these mobs are extremely fun encounters and include some the best rewards in the game. It will give all guilds who cannot field 100+ raid forces all hours of the day a chance to enjoy these encounters with friends, or learn and optimise strategies to attempt to compete on the alternate weeks.

We think this is extremely beneficial to the quality of life on this server, with many new adventures coming from the staff here at P99 or other forms of entertainment. If Riot agrees to this we will announce when it begins in the raid section and move ahead from there.
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