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Old 10-18-2019, 01:16 PM
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Default Decent Armor for SK besides banded?

Hey guys,

Anything above banded but costs less then Sentient or Crustacean for a full set?

Old 10-18-2019, 02:56 PM
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If you cant afford crusty stuff, just sit in banded till you can. Theres not too much reason to spend like 50-100p on random pieces.
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What level are you? Money comes eventually. In the teens/20's mobs drop bronze. In the high 20s/30's they drop fine steel in many locations. Loot all ya can and sell it.

Crusty is VERY hard to beat. Ton of strength and stam. Some go darkforge/sentient for fashion tho.

As a tank the blood ember pieces (cheap ones) are usually an upgrade for the AC and later click effects. Otherwise if a medium race you could mix in some rygorr/kylong/sebillite scale/treeweave or pick up some Jarsath in Karnors for free. A black enameled bp is 25 ac and looks great as well...probably 100p.
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