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Old 10-21-2019, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Rushmore [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Now i can't log into any of the servers [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]


how do i fix?
Most likely your anti virus quarantined the file.
Old 10-21-2019, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by cactus [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Install the latest patch. Are you trying to log on green or red/blue?
just trying to log in to anything... I've tried both.
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Originally Posted by GOD
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Originally Posted by joradthepally [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I'm honestly looking for a better UI than this default one. Most of the windows are so small I have a hard time reading any of the text (I run 1768x992 res). Don't know about you but I do not like straining my eyes.
I share this issue.

A few things that have helped:

Right click a window or window header > textured yes
Right click a window or window header > tint > set all colors to 13. This gives an off-black background for the windows to make text easier to read. Can also be used to change things like group and target window to colors that stand out more.

/chatfontsize x
Replace X with numbers 1-5 (maybe up to 7?) to make the font size larger. This only works in the window you are currently chatting in, if you have more than one chat windows and the main chat is set to "Always chat here", then you will need to disable that option (Right click main window > Always chat here) to change the font size of other windows.

All of these options can also be configured in the eqclient.ini file in your P99 directory. Set it how you like it on P99Green Beta and then just copy/paste the files over to be all set for Green launch.

That said, I would love the option to be able to use custom UIs that more closely resemble the original EQ marble UI. Mis that thing, would prefer it with a larger viewport in the middle with transparent chat windows and then marbled UI items like spells and group list and targets off to either side. Dreams I guess.
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Old 10-21-2019, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Glasken [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
/chatfontsize x
Replace X with numbers 1-5 (maybe up to 7?) to make the font size larger.
6 appears to be the limit. 7 repeats the 6 size and triggers the client to return the (erroneous) 0-5 suggested example usage. I edited the Commands page on the wiki to reflect the correct usage.
Old 10-22-2019, 10:58 PM
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Excellent thread. I was already using the Highres_s3d for the towns and walls / signs HD effects and they were awesome, but I somehow missed the trinity HQClassicHD file. This is stupidly amazing.

I'd also like to direct attention to the Wolf Form animation fix as well as the Iksar 2h weapon swing animation fix that covers the archery animation as well.

which was taken from this thread --

I was already using HD classic elemental skins and this was already mentioned in an elemental pet thread in this part of the forum, but it bears repeating just in case someone missed it.

both taken from this thread --

Dropbox files can end at any time so I'd really advise grabbing them now for your own personal use. They improve the game a ton.
Old 10-22-2019, 11:32 PM
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Classic EQ Icon & Custom P99 Icons (Green, Blue & Red)

Iksar Animation Fixes (2HS, Archery)
Explore the Project 1999 Wiki.
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Old 10-30-2019, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by cactus [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
If you're like me you're pretty excited about the upcoming new additions to Project 1999. While I'm personally waiting for whatever the team has planned for the PvP community I know many of you are getting ready to strap on your socks for the launch of Green. With that in mind I figured I'd share some recent tweaks and upgrades I did when doing a fresh install of P99.

*Warning* Some of these are not classic persay but I personally enjoy the new life they breathed into my classic experience.

Special thanks to Welgrim's P99 files page. Some of the files were outdated or links broken so I figured I'd throw some more contemporary options out there for the community.

A) Camp Crash Fix

Do you frequently crash when camping, loading into the character select screen, or even zoning? A fix that worked great for me was setting the compatibility settings on eqgame.exe to Windows XP service pack 3. Been crash free ever since.

B) Fixed Midi Music

Ever notice how some of the songs in EQ don't sound quite as you remember them, or frankly completely jacked up? Well there is a fix for that. Special thanks to Psycher for this thread.

Now in that thread Psycher suggests using bassmididrv.exe, however as this was posted in 2012 it appears bassmididrv.exe no longer works with contemporary versions of Windows. Thus I've had great success with..

Once you install Virtual Midi Synth you can apply the 1mgm.sf2 Sound Font found in the thread as well as Synthursr.sf2 and Synthursr2.sf2 (Both of which are found in your EQ directory) and this Sound Font from Synthfont.

The Sound Fonts layer and depending on their order can dramatically change your EQ music experience. I experimented with them and found this order to have the most classic/enhanced quality.

1. Synthursr.sf2
2. Synthursr2.sf2
3. 1mgm.sf2
4. FluidR3_GM.sf

Also if you delete the eqtheme file in your EQ directory it will restore the loading theme to the original classic theme midi.

C) Classic EQ HD textures.

I didn't even know this project existed until recently. A passion project by our own Project 1999 community members to make player faces and armors more crisp and HD.

D) High-res S3D files from EQ Trilogy install.

HD remastered ground and building textures while still keeping the classic feel.

This this thread for further.

What other tips, tricks, tweaks, textures or addons do you guys use?
For those having issues with the .sfArk file, use this here:
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