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Originally Posted by Kiwix [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Update to my situation:

I gave up and re-started with a new installation of EQ. This worked! And im totally lag free just like in the good old days. However, I was still puzzled about the cause that had triggered this.

Today I talked with a friend, at he said the same thing had happend to him not long ago. He had, just like me, unzipped the patch files directly in to the EQ folder. Somehow that method doesnt proporly replaces some of the files when they land into the folder from the zip file. Insted the files should be unzipped in a different folder and then copied in to the EQ folder. Im not too technical about this, because I simply dont know better. Maybe others can elaborate.

Anyways, this might be a thing to test for others in my situation.
My guess is that, when you copy/pasted your P99 files to the new computer, your eqclient.ini file had settings from your old computer that didn't go well with your new setup.

I am 99% sure that if you would've let your new computer create a fresh new eqclient.ini file (by simply removing or renaming the old one), it would've solved the problem. It solved my problems with heavy lag, and I just got a new laptop, with integrated graphics card and P99 folder copied from my old computer.
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