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Old 09-29-2019, 09:39 AM
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Default Patch Notes: September 29th, 2019

The latest patch contains new required files. Download the new Patch Files from the top of the Home page, or the Getting Started Guide.

  • Rogean: The Non-Cleric 10% Healing Penalty has been corrected to affect all SE_CurrentHP Effects.
  • Rogean: [Sep1999] All AE Spells and Songs will be limited to 4 targets prior to this Era. Post Era, they will revert to Custom Rule (Currently 25).
  • Rogean: [Dec2001] Cycle Nearest NPC has been disabled prior to this era.
  • Haynar: Updated pathing to help prevent mobs from falling below world.
  • Haynar: Changed how coordinates are updated when mobs summon players. This should help prevent players from falling below world.
  • Haynar: Mob pathing will now check for hazards using the same interval positions update. This will help navigate hazards better, and places with lots of falling areas, like upper spiders in velks, mobs will be less likely to fall off.
  • Haynar: Fixed an issue with mob position updates, which caused mobs to sink into the world. The Z destination was using their targets offset incorrectly.
  • Haynar: Adjusted the z_offset calculations for mobs to match exactly the same as the client calculations, based on a decompile of the client. This helps with mob bouncing.
  • Haynar: Mobs moving up and down steep terrains, will update their z location better. The distance it could correct was too limiting. This contributed to giants falling below world in ring wars.
  • Haynar: Mobs feared should update their z-coordinates better.
  • Haynar: NPC's will be less susceptible to interrupt by combat/spell push (Credit work by Torven).
  • Haynar: Bash can now interrupt spells, even if the stun component does not land (Credit work by Torven/Mackal).
  • Haynar: Bash from behind no longer gets a bonus to stun. This caused an increase in stuns from behind, and when combined with flee stuns, it was worse than intended.
  • Nilbog: Ring and Circle of Surefall Glade can now be memorized.
  • Nilbog: Corrected a dialogue issue with Disciple Symbol of Cazic Thule.
  • Telin: Priestess Ghalea's quests should be working again.
  • Telin: Jarlen Meadowgreen's baking services are no longer needed now that the plague is over.
  • Telin: The Kly in Dalnir should no longer despawn instantly upon mesmerizing or feigning death.
  • Telin: Marshal Anrey will no longer mention his quest if your faction isn't good enough to complete it.
Sean "Rogean" Norton
Project 1999 Co-Manager

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Thank You!!
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Old 09-29-2019, 09:43 AM
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Thanks for all your work on this project.
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Thanks Rogean and team.

Surefall glade!!!!
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It's a free game, eat a dick. The developeerrrsss allllllll haaaavvveeeee jooooobbbbbsssss
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Thank you!
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Thank you!
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Push interrupt changes just a straight port of TAKP's? If so god speed raiders o7
Old 09-29-2019, 09:54 AM
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Haynar: Bash from behind no longer gets a bonus to stun. This caused an increase in stuns from behind, and when combined with flee stuns, it was worse than intended.
A ha! This makes sense why if you had a group of mobs chasing you and hit you from behind, you could almost get perma stun locked. I didn't feel right, and I'm glad Haynar figured out why!
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getting error:

One or more your Everquest Files are not the correct Titanium version for Project 1999. You will not be able to play until the files listed in red are replaced with correct versions.

Click this link for more information.

spells_us.txt (1556449171)
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