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Old 11-20-2018, 11:28 AM
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Default Frostmaidens Idol, Locket of Escape, Shield of the Immaculate, 50+wiz/clr spells, etc

Frostmaidens Idol
Locket of Escape
Shield of the Immaculate
Bracer of the Hidden

Wizard spells:
Invisibility to Undead
Draught of Jiva
Pillar of Flame
Winds of Gelid

Cleric spells:
Mark of Karn
Word of Restoration
Word of Redemption
Naltron's Mark
Improved Invis vs Undead
Wake of Tranquility
Unswerving Hammer
Yaulp IV

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On Discord: NextToTheGods#0088
[Enchanter] Falamin (Dark Elf)
[Bard] Telrin (Half Elf)
[Shaman] Warzog (Ogre)
[Druid] Vildar (Wood Elf)
[Necromancer] Szersis (Iksar)
[Monk] Raszis (Iksar)
[Cleric] Atrial (Human)
[Wizard] Atomize (Gnome)
[Mule] Plotlard (Human)
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