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Old 03-10-2023, 08:17 PM
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Default World Challenge! (Blue/Green)

Greetings! We’re pleased to announce another GM Event and hope you’ll find this new activity equally appealing! There is one important caveat: We would love to witness all guilds utilize teamwork, not min/max the reward system.

That said, we’ve adjusted this event’s reward system to include milestone rewards. A milestone reward is earned when certain criteria, outlined below, is achieved. Eligibility for these rewards will be at CSR Staff’s discretion. It’s our wish participating guilds will work together and find the most efficient way possible to meet these challenges, not oppose one another. We also don’t want to see any actions that would be in direct opposition to this fun and unique team building opportunity. Offenders will be handled…creatively.

To be eligible for a milestone reward your guild must show a reasonable amount of effort killing the targets as detailed within that milestone’s description.

For example: We do not want Guild A killing Vox and a single member of Guild B tagging it in hopes their guild will get the reward. The guild must also have a speaker role in the UN to communicate with other guilds and CSR Staff. Each participating guild will be responsible for deciding how to regulate the rewards within their own system; however, DKP must not be used. Rewards can be requested within 1 week of the event's end. Players do not need to be online to receive the reward.

When a milestone is met, one representative from each participating guild in that milestone category will gather at WC Wizards spires. They will state which milestone they are rolling for in /say then the representatives will type /random. A speaker will post the top 3 rolls in the GM-Clarifications channel, stating which Milestone was rolled on, roll ranks and roll numbers. I’ll have my own representative there to log rolls, just in case there is a dispute.

Rewards: CSR Staff will confirm the legitimacy of all rolls and eligibility of all participating entities. Once confirmed, the winning guild will decide who will receive the reward(s) using an internal system at their discretion as long as DKP isn’t used. At that time, winners of each reward may be announced by their guild.

As of this post, I would like all guilds to work on exiting all zones with raid targets. Once it’s clear, I’ll perform an earthquake within these zones, these mobs will be off limits till the start time. 8PM EST 3/10/2023

Milestone 1

Name: So Classic
Time to complete: 1 hour

Lady Vox
Lord Nagafen
Venril Sathir
Cazic Thule

Reward: 2x Epic components of your choice, one each for the top two rollers
Note: This is intended for a player that needs and will use the items. Punishments may be issued to those that sell or trade these items.

Milestone 2
Name: Sleepy Challenge
Time to complete: 1 hour

Lendiniara the Keeper
Lord Yelinak

Reward: 1 primal weapon of player’s choice

Milestone 3
Name: 3 Kings (Hide, Seek, Shrink, Grow)
Time to complete: 1 hour

Dain Frostreaver IV
King Tormax
Lord Yelinak

Reward: Item of player’s choice from Milestone 3’s loot tables

Note: Hide, Seek, Shrink, Grow will be a fun little game for my staff. Within a few minutes of the start time they will move the target to a place within the same zone. They also have the ability to shrink or grow the target. Good luck [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

Milestone 4
Name: God of Timesink
Time to complete: 4 hour
Guilds required: 3

Target: Tunare

Reward: 1 Tunare loot per guild(min 12 guild members present), winner’s choice.
Note: We want to see best effort helping with this Milestone. We do not want guilds running in at the last minute to try and claim this reward.

Milestone 5
Name: Who forgot to Harmony?
Time to complete: 3 hours

Target: Sontalak

Reward: 5 levels. That’s right. FIVE LEVELS. First place winner gets 3 levels. Second place winner gets 2 levels. Levels can be split among players but you must be 55+ and be on the combat log for this reward. If a winner is 60 already, we’ll max out their experience bar.

Milestone 6
Name: Fellowship of the…. Ring?
Time to complete: 2 hours

Targets: Completion of Ring War

Reward: Ring of Destruction, Book of the Rings, and Gold Ring. It’s not called Ring War for nothing.

Milestone 7
Name: Everquest: Endgame
Time to complete: 3.5 hours

Ikatiar the Venom
Eshen of the Sky
Lendiniara the Keeper
Dozekar the Cursed
Lord Feshlak
Dagarn the Destroyer
Lord Kreizenn
Lady Mirenilla
Lord Koi’Doken
Lord Vyemm
Lady Nevederia
Vulak’ Aerr

Reward: Crystasia’ Crystal Ring

All Milestones Complete
Time to complete: 4 hours

Reward: Guise of the Deceiver
Note: We may issue more than 1 Guise depending on participation and “factors”.

Additional Rewards:
Bonus! If someone rolls a 69 during any reward session(One winner per guild, max 2 winners), their guild receives a GM card. They may use this at any time(If the GM is around) for their guild during a raid. GM will not damage any raid targets or players.

1. GM assisted recovery from wipe which may include resurrections, mana and health replenishment.
2. Stacked loot table on a single target(no duplicates), this does not guarantee you the target in a competitive environment.
3. 1000 muffins.
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