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Old 04-01-2019, 03:05 PM
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Lightbulb New dr$$d guide to get 60 in few weeks

Welcome , you choose Druid well done...oh my, you choose wood elf too !? You have some good judgement , don't go pat on yourself yet , you still have to make up the name ( I recommend something with DIALsomething so you don't have to join dial a port and follow their drama/rule,can still join that raid guild and port efficiently.) Always pick female to cyber or get better donations

Now you have to put point , wis/sta or wis/str isn't that bad since you will need it to carry massive coins

Ok you finally entered kelethin , it kind of wierd city with platform , best way is to give heartwood scroll then jump off and go grab corpse

1-5 = clear noob area between the 2 platform (priest of discord and noob lift)

5-10 = join orcs group and save / sell those crushbone belts , always check in zone for high lvl Druid/cleric/enchanter and go solo in crushbone to speed it up

Solution 2 is to run to butcher and grab the boat to Freeport and bind there by another player and hunt in east commonland while you can beg or check for free stuff ( it actually a great way to scale fast)

10 - 15 = you could continue in crushbone with naked people who don't know how to play or just go to ec or nro with high lvl buff ,your best bet is befallen with Druid ring close (always lvled my alts there)

14 - 19 = befallen still good but you could ask /who all dial for a noob free port to emerald jungle and make your way to kurn tower,since you can bind , you will shine there since no healer iksar minus shaman and there a lot of pp potential ,jump to unrest if u stayed crushbone $$ cash camp = lesser Fay sisters

19 - 24 = with self port , you can lfg in like 5 zones at once , my fav spot was unrest//upper guk//lake of iii omen//warlik woods// $$ cash camp = ocean of tears gargoyle

25 - 29 = those are hards one but you will get thru those easy with a group try lake of iii omen//mistmoore//soluzek A //unrest // south karana // $$ cash camp = sola

29 - 34 = the world is your ,great heal , good nuke , harmony , 5min snare ,skin like steel , you should be able to carry a group if u got clarity Pro tip = always search for pots via /who all Druid 60 , gather a generous tip (50 to 100) and port your group and resume xp $$ cash camp = sola still

34 - 39 = this is where you should become a dial a port If you haven't and port for monay While quad ding , this method is by far the best and no other class can come close to that efficiently , where you go is OVERTHERE , bind at the ramp ,grab clarity or/both pots and do 1 quads , check chat for port request Pro tip , don't take those port request unless it wtb port or paying for port , you got to learn to not blow your manabar for those 10 pp port , goal is to grab those 35p 50p while leveling slowly but surely

39 - 44 = 39 is where Druid shine as a group member , group sow / group regen , you should have no problem finding group but I still recommend quadding in ot stack your bank amount for upgrade ( there few pricey item that is incoming ) , I got myself over 10,000 from 34 44 in OVERTHERE to give you a idea

44 - 49 = the goal there is too group 44 or OVERTHERE quads, 45 = you will need those vambrace that has dramage over time click, you can stack them with other dot and root rott some stuff easy 46 = you want lumi staff . It 34 quad nuke no mana cast and it will power level you to 49 in 1 night if well used, just go to timorous deep and pull like 6 birds and blow them up ( can't bind there )

49 - 53 = are some lazy level , don't go lfg in karnor when u can get x2 xp rate solo , I did timorous deep raptor , 10 min med 5 min quad , it great for when u need to do other things, pretty safe , cobalt scar good too but always camped,

54 - 60 = what I did is permafrost bears, this camp is so easy and op xp I did 55 60 in 1 month or so playing smoothly , you will need invis vs animal ring clicks but you can starts without and see if bear/wolf charming is for you with hide, I started as a noob there killing like 4 and ended up killing both camp solo which is like 25 , a lot of tactic come up and it was by far the best fun I have had as a Druid , there other quadding spot but I was already bored of quadding

Gratz , you now 60 , you can now farm those gear , port / power level / buffs / farm various zone for ez stuff to sell / charm in kael / hunt ec tunnel for good sales / make your favorite alt with a pocket Druid as your side , the world is your
Old 04-02-2019, 03:50 PM
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I don't get it, you just re-posted exactly what 99% of players do here. It's actually bad advice due to overcrowding in some areas such as crushbone/unrest.
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Old 04-02-2019, 04:14 PM
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Also, the title says get 60 in a few weeks but the 54-60 section says it will alone take a month.

Tighten up. gang gang.
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Old 04-12-2019, 12:03 PM
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Also, recommending people roll a shitty "dial-a ..." name and "female to cyber" didn't exactly add much credibility to your "guide". More like, "how to create a character to gain the most /eyeroll opportunities" guide.
Old 04-12-2019, 01:21 PM
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YŠll are missing the context: this is momotion's "schtick", eg.:

He makes terrible single-forum-page guides that he thinks are funny, but really aren't. My hope is that if we ignore him he'll go away.

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Old 04-29-2019, 10:32 AM
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If you read the Dial-a-Port guild pages, their so-called "drama" is this: Be polite, be on time, and if you are not available for ports immediately, please go /anon. Oh no. Sounds terrible.
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