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Old 05-16-2019, 01:31 PM
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Default Monk Epic vs AC vs SoS

Alright! So I'm trying to figure out what the best combinations are to use at 55+

I'm using the max hit formula and then dividing it by the delay to find their objective damage difference. I am assuming an even distribution of damage from max to 0. I have heard that on high AC mobs, your bonus damage does a greater portion of damage. I'm mostly looking at solo/duo and exp group situations.

((Weapon Skill + Strength - 75)/100 * Weapon Damage + Bonus damage)/ Weapon Delay.

At 55 I'm using a skill of 250 for 1hb and 240 for h2h.

I've compared strengths of 150 and 200. I didn't go over 200 strength since I am under the impression that there is a softcap of 200 on strength. I am assuming a damage bonus of 10.

55 with 150STR 55 with 200STR
Epic 2.396875 2.678125
Adamantite Club 2.35 2.65
Stave of Shielding 2.330357143 2.633928571

At 55, I'm looking at a 2% dps increase with the epic with 150 strength and 1% dps increase with 200 strength.

IF these calculations are correct, then you give up a marginal damage increase for more/bigger riposites and the loss of what is an amazing proc on the Adamantite Club with a significant amount of damage mitigation and non-trivial damage.

Also, I have calculated that you're going to get about an 11% damage increase with a 50 point strength buff while using the AC at this level.

At 60 with an 11 point damage bonus and using a value of 211 for strength (assuming a max strength softcap reduction of 55/5), I'm seeing an almost 4% increase in DPS with of the epic vs AC.

Side note, I'm seeing a 1% damage increase with the SoS vs AC in the offhand.

One final question, the monk epic adds +40 ATK when clicked. What is your average increase in DPS if you have a shaman/enchanter in your group making the haste component useless?

Please let me know if I have messed up these calculations at all. Thank you!

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