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Old 05-16-2019, 08:49 AM
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op need update
is monkey ded?
Old 05-16-2019, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by TomisFeline [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
op need update
is monkey ded?
pics of the new epic if so!
Kellian Cove (60 Wood Elf Assassin)
Parra Doxx (49 Barbarian Shaman)
Charsie (2 Human Merchant )

Kell (38 Night Elf Hunter) Grobbulous Classic WoW
Old 05-16-2019, 06:02 PM
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Yup monkey dead! Epic obtained! Thanks all for the replies!

Quick comment on the fight:

Easily duo'd with 60 mage (non epic) and myself, 60 Enc.

Charmed Pendle Dashinger, gave him a Torch and VoG. Mage summoned an Earth pet (any pet would work). Tashed/slowed Tangrin (easily) and let the pets do the work. Charm broke once, but with the mage pet there I didn't have to worry about getting summoned and hit w/ his 20 second stun. Easy peasy.
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