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Old 05-20-2019, 03:38 PM
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Default Ogre Size out of range for Quest Turn Ins?

The last few weeks I've experienced an issue with some (but not all) quest turn ins when I am my normal ogre size.

The first issue was in Chardok. I can turn in skins to the Herald near zone in (and generate text responses), however, it would not respond to the text prompts to get the Insignia ring at warmly faction. It responded once I shrank down to small size.

I experienced a similar issue with the next part of the Chardok ring quest in Frontier Mountains. The "A Sarnak Spy" NPC responded when he received a turn in item but would not respond to me in ogre form. I came back with a new quest piece and succeeded in skeleton form (from using an AoN).

Yesterday I encountered the issue with the prisoner in the West Freeport Arena for the first part of the Soulfire quest. I came back the proper item and it worked as a skeleton.

Just a heads up! Ogres be careful in the meantime!

p.s. nerf soulfire - Artelius
Ulgromm - Level 60 Shaman - Auld Lang Syne
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Old 05-21-2019, 07:14 AM
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The hail range on a lot of NPCs is very small, I have no idea why. Most noticeable on the armor quest NPCs in Skyshrine. You have to be nearly on top of them to get them to respond to a hail. You'd think this range would scale with their model size.
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