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Old 04-19-2018, 10:56 PM
Molok Molok is offline
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Default Vox raid?

I never was able to go on a Vox raid back on live and I just hit level 51 on P1999. I would like to experience it before I am level 52 and banishable. Anybody do any open raids on Vox by chance?
Old 04-19-2018, 10:57 PM
Jauna Jauna is offline

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No, all the top guilds have armies of level 52s camped at said dragons to get them quick.

Once every 5th blue moon or so some people organize open vox raids weeks ahead of time but.. nah.
Old 04-19-2018, 11:00 PM
Molok Molok is offline
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What guilds?
Old 04-20-2018, 12:02 AM
Daloon Daloon is offline

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The top guild(s) don't go for Vox as other stuff is usually prioritized, not sure who has the lockdown on her now adays.
Old 04-20-2018, 12:21 AM
branamil branamil is offline
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Azure Guard usually has it on lockdown
Old 04-20-2018, 01:07 AM
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I have seen several guilds and even Lord Bob kill Vox in recent months. Our guild has done it a couple of times and we certainly don't have 'an army' of 52 alts (a few, but it's mostly just lower level guild members). I've seen Kittens there often as well as Azure Guard and others. Vox is normally still up several hours after an earthquake (Nagafen is easier to get to and drops pretty fast).

Truth is Vox might stay up for a day if it weren't for the White Dragon Scale. It's not a very convenient place to get to in a hurry. If you want to do it I'd see if Lord Bob plans on trying it again soon. (If you can find Hyjal or Gogre in game they could tell you).
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Old 04-20-2018, 04:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Molok [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I would like to experience it before I am level 52 and banishable.
Players of level 53 and above are getting banished, 52 is still fine.
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