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Old 10-24-2020, 06:39 AM
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Default Lots and Loot Rights

I'll entertain counter offers.

Crown of Narandi
Holgresh Elder Beads

Manna Robe -- Offer
Belt of the Great Turtle -- Offer
Runed Sea Shell (cloud) --500p
Runed Sea Shell (eb) -- 500p
Black Crown -- 5k
Shaidin Revenant Bauble -- 3.5k
Earring of Purity -- 3k
Dizok Sceptre of Authority -- 2.5k
Peacebringer -- 3k
Oakleaf Scimitar -- 4k
Netted Kelp -- various
Polished Shaidin Naginata -- 4k
Di`zok Escape Staff -- 9k
Dizok Imperial Katana -- 4k
Greenish Metal Shard -- 2.5k
Chardok Pipe MQ -- 5k
Crypt Master Conjuring Stone -- 3k
Ceremonial Iksar Breastplate -- 10k
Guantlets of the Fiery Might -- 5k
Imperial Wardog Collar -- 1k
Incardine BP - 10k
Argent Protector

Neriad Shawl -- 10K
Hammered Golden Loop -- 10K
Peggy Cloak -- 7k

*Playtime is 0200 EST-0900 EST if you are looking for LR's*
Toons: Dainae, Byee, Berik, Nokio, Cneasaigh, Quom
Guild: Officer of Kittens Who Say Meow
Discord: MaCtast1c#7275
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