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Old 06-25-2019, 05:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Cecily [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Please stop gas lighting.
I will light all the gas.
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Old 06-29-2019, 01:46 AM
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Among others ways I'm better than the rest of you, here's my test scores to show how un-narcissistic I am. Click on Machiavellianism to take the test yourself.

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Old 07-03-2019, 09:25 AM
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lets break this down.....

- Giving unsolicted advice
Not really toxic is it? its just one of those unwanted things. But i would argue this is not toxic.

- Insulting others
- Spreading gossip
- Excluding others
So if randy is a better healer than jerry and i choose to have randy in my group to better my chances of success then im being toxic to jerry. No, be a better healer jerry. Just becuase you get excluded, does not mean that your being treated with a toxic mentality. Maybe you suck, Maybe your an asshole, or maybe your the toxic one and your being excluded for that reason. Stop being a freaking snowflake and get gud.
- Constantly talking about themselves
So, i should have a poor self esteem and no care about myself. If im good at something your going to here about it. If im sexy your going to here about it. Thats not toxic, thats opinionated. (i however am not really all that great nor am i sexy, so i digress)
- Giving the silent treatment
So poor Johnny cant stand to be ignored. Did johnny do something to deserve the silent treatment. Is Johnny an asshole. or is Johnny just a snowflake with napolean complex issues that need to be stroked and cant be ignored. Not Toxic People
- Refusing to take ownership of their behavior
This is Toxic. Be a man or woman, and own up to yer good and bad things. You will respect yourself more and others will respect you for it in the end.
- Lying
Toxic. Cant stand a liar!!!
- Gaslighting
If you abuse your spouse physically mentally or emotionally, you deserve to be burned alive at the stake like the witches of old. Before you pass out from the smoke that your own body fat will produce, you should have your balls snatched off by a 20 ton winch. Thats all i got to say about that. TOXIC
- Verbal abuse
See Above....Toxic
- Rarely apologizing
Toxic, i guess, but seriously, at some point the use of the word Toxic has to quit being a catch-all for every little thing that people dislike.
- Emotional blackmail
- Judging others
Toxic, i suppose again, SEE ABOVE
- Being a fair weather friend
Thats not a friend, and if your too blind, or just dont care enough about yourself than to allow this, then im sorry but, you should sequestor yourself from society until you have more self esteem.
- Always having to be right
Personality flaw, slighty toxic i suppose
- Constant negativity
Easy fix for this, stop hanging out with them, remove them from your life. You hold the power to stop this. Therefore, i would say not toxic, and the only thing toxic about this is you allowing yourself to be around it.
- One-upping others
Since when did competition become toxic....I mean i get it, theres always that one guy, thats always gonna say, oh yeah, well i got such and such...... but is that really toxic, or is it rather a call for help from someone who is actually pathetic and is unsure where they truly fit into society, so they lie, cheat steal, and brag to try and fit in. Once again, Low Self-esteem.
- Minimizing other's feelings
This one I got to call bullshit. Some people are just not wired to be empathetic. This is not really toxic folks, it's more like some people just cant process their feelings the way others do, so they compartmentalize them, as to not overload there own emotional relays. This is not toxic, but imho, anyone that thinks this is toxic, does not understand emotional psychology, at any level.
- Constant criticism
I suppose in this day and age this is considered toxic. I welcome critisism for the most part. Its how i grow.
- Not respecting boundaries
More creepy than toxic, wouldn't you say.
- Bragging
Another person that needs an inflated self importance to survive, not toxic, more like pathetic.
- Jealousy
Not secure with themselves, there own abilities and or there loved one. Again not toxic, just pathetic
- Losing your temper
I guess by this standard, most everyone in the world is toxic.
- Manipulating others
- Being inconsistent
Now your just nitpicking... Being inconsistent... some people are just not wired to be consistent. They are more than likely very good down to earth and honorable people...

My final thoughts... Who ever posted this(i think it said on msnbc?) is a toxic freaking snowflake. I mean seriously, by definition of the above points, people who call people toxic are toxic. its a never ending loop of toxicity. Just grow some thivker skin and i promise, you'll all be fine.
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