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Old 10-16-2019, 12:02 AM
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Default Strafing Wile running doesn't work....

So I seem to have run into a strange movement bug that several people I asked had never heard of and I'm not having any luck finding it on the forums. What's happening is when I try to strafe and turn using mouselook at the same time (holding right-click) my character will stop strafing while my mouse is moving, then continue again as soon as the mouse is still again. This only happens while I'm running and doesn't seem to matter whether I use autorun or just hold the buttons to run. I've even tried doing the trick where you hold forward turn and strafe at the same time and hit Enter to do a sort of strafe autorun glitch but as soon as I hold right-click and try to turn I immediately stop strafing again. My character will continue to run forward as normal though.

Just curious if anyone has run into this issue and has any idea how I might go about fixing it. It's a small inconvenience but it just throws me off going around corners and I've taken a few falls already over it.
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