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Old 02-26-2014, 10:16 AM
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Default DAOC: Uthgard Revamp

Scroll further down to see our currently updated roster!

As most of you are probably aware by now, Uthgard is in the process of undergoing a major revamp. They are working on implementing and fixing everything they talked about for years but never got around to until now, such as;

-Shrouded Isles expansion (all zones/mobs)
-Shrouded Isles classes (fully working)
-Live NPC Pathing (which doesn't exist on any other daoc emu server atm)
-Old RA system
-Revised XP gain system
-Old Battleground Zones (Caledonia, etc.)
In order to reset balance to the entire server, they have wiped all the old accounts/chars, so when the server is up again - it will be like it was for the first time, but with everything already working like it should. To see the status and updates of the server, just check their front page/forums.

If you want to have a fun time and experience the server with veteran (non-elitist) players, you're welcome to run with us, whether you're new to the game or not.

Make a post in this thread with what class you intend on maining, and I'll update our list here, this way we'll know not to make too much of the same thing and have a well-balanced group/guild. The current list of players is preliminary, I'll add the rest once I confirm they will be playing again for sure.

It's not hard to learn how to play well, all it takes is time and desire to learn to play as a team, and we'll have more than enough practice on the way to 50 in the battlegrounds!

Battleground RvR Zones are (non-instanced):

Abermenai - Levels 15-19 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L2
Thidranki - Levels 20-24 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L3
Murdaigean - Levels 25-29 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L5
Caledonia - Levels 30-35 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L9
Kaldrheim - Levels 36-42 - Highest allowed realmrank: 2L9


Download the full client from the main web site:

Download DAoC Portal:, after installing portal, the settings are self explanatory. DAoC Portal is a freeshard frontend for DAoC servers.

To create a new account you simply login with whatever user/pass info you want to use, and it will create your account.

When you attempt to login to Uthgard for the first time, DAoC Portal's Mod Manager will automatically install all needed patches, so there's no need to do it manually.

For class spells/abilities and to plan your char spec, use the Uthgard Character Builder

Using Web IRC (live guild chat room): you all can join our guild chat channel without having to download any software whatsoever. Just go to, select the server: Rizon, use your forum name as your nick, and channel: #uthgard, hit 'Connect', feel free to idle in there whenever possible - it'll be our main way of communication for quite a while!

Making a new post update, cause I can't edit my posts today.

Our new channel on IRC is #uthgard - same server, cya there!

List of players (updated October 2nd) interested in playing Uthgard 2.0 in the same crew (if anyone wants to be added or removed, make a post):

If anyone is missing from the roster, or you want your name added or removed, make a post and I'll update the list.

Scrooge - mentalist(caster utility)/blademaster/champion
backman_66 - warden/eldritch/hero
Weekapaug - bard/hero/ranger/druid
Ugrask - blademaster/valewalker/eldritch/enchanter
Lyrith - bard/druid
Zade - druid/warden/dps, (+1 friend)
fishingme - scout, valewalker/animist/enchanter, bonedancer/thane
phacemeltar - bard/blademaster/valewalker/eldritch
Nalkin - enchanter
Jaxon - eldritch
dustysr06 - druid/bard (+3 friends)
Cecily - nightshade
Yiblaan - ranger
Foxxhound - valewalker
Ghordo - hero/champion
Kender - eldritch/animist
Nuggets - bard/eld/animist
Brynnag - nightshade
August - bard/hero/enchanter
Hershey - enchanter
Beldon - animist
Tewaz - enchanter
Temig - druid/bard/mentalist
Oleris - enchanter (pbaoe bomb)
Sweetbaby - eldritch
Rust1d? - bard/druid
Spitfyre808 - champion

Caridry - undecided
mrgoochio - undecided
Cookiefist - undecided
Scikala - undecided
Leeyuuduu - undecided
Sssleeve - undecided
Goobles - undecided
Gaffin - undecided

Laberintica - mentalist/warden
Golad - warden/hero
Tramtrist - druid
Villert (Morgo) - eldritch/enchanter/bard/ranger
Sephin - undecided
Sibaru - undecided
Zadrian - hero

Galfon - warden/ench/ment/hero (d2)
Evlesoa (Amnvex) - eldritch/ment/warden/champ (d2)
Kyndig - eldritch/blademaster/valewalker (d2)
Finn - undecided (d2)
Katza - hero

Old DAoC Guildies (classes they used to main)

Vorhal - animist/hero/warden
Kvasir - eldritch/hero/warden
Bell - undecided (blademaster/berserker/cleric)
Kinkade - undecided (valewalker/savage) (+3-5 friends)
Sothien - undecided (eldritch/druid/healer)
Kiire - undecided (bard/druid/cleric)
Signify - undecided (blademaster/berserker)
Salbei - undecided (enchanter/shadowblade)

27 decided, 8 undecided, 8 old guildies, 7 EQC, 5 external 55 total! (estimated, not counting additional friends ppl may or may not bring)

I'll match the roles needed to the ppl in this thread, based on their initial class choices, so we can see what we're missing more than anything else.

Realm: Hibernia

Primary Healing: Weekapaug (druid), Zade (druid/warden), dustysr06 (druid), Tramtrist (druid), Temig (druid)

Secondary Healing: backman_66 (warden), phacemeltar (warden), Lyrith (druid), Galfon (warden), Kvasir (warden), Laberintica (warden), Golad (warden), Vorhal (warden), Rust1d? (druid)

Primary Crowd Control: dustysr06 (bard), Weekapaug (bard/CC), Nuggets (bard), August (bard)

Secondary Crowd Control: phacemeltar (bard/CC), Lyrith (bard/CC), Temig (bard), Rust1d? (bard), Villert (bard)

Primary Bomber (caster dps): fishingme (enchanter), nalkin (enchanter), jaxon (eldritch), August (enchanter), Hershey (enchanter), Kyndig (eldritch), Tewaz (enchanter), Oleris (enchanter), Villert (enchanter)

Secondary Bomber (caster dps): phacemeltar (eldritch), backman_66 (eldritch), kender (eldritch), Galfon (enchanter), Amnvex (eldritch), Kvasir (eldritch), Villert (eldritch)

Primary Shield Tank: Ghordo (Hero), August (Hero), Zadrian (Hero), Katza (Hero)

Secondary Shield Tank: backman_66 (Hero), Galfon (Hero), Kvasir (Hero), Vorhal (Hero), Golad (Hero)

General Melee DPS: Ugrask (blademaster?), Zade (blademaster?), Zade2 (his friend, blademaster?), fishingme (valewalker), Scrooge (blademaster/champion), backman_66 (blademaster), , Foxxhound (valewalker), Amnvex (champion), Kyndig (blademaster/valewalker), Spitfyre808 (champion)

Utility Caster DPS: fishingme (animist), Scrooge (mentalist), kender (animist), Nuggets (eld/animist), Galfon (mentalist), Amnvex (mentalist), Beldon (animist), Laberintica (mentalist), Vorhal (animist), Temig (mentalist), Sweetbaby (eldritch)

Stealthers: Brynnag (nightshade), Cecily (nightshade), Yiblaan (ranger), Villert (ranger)

Potentially we can have the following: [5x Bards, 3x Druids, 3x Wardens] [3x Enchanters, 5x Eldritch, 2x Animists, 2z Mentalists] [3x Heroes, 5x Blademasters, 3x Valewalkers, 1x Ranger, 2x Nightshades] but seeing as how we can't all be in one group, it'd be good to know that everyone in the guild can XP with each other without having to resort to looking for PUGs or soloing. For RvR especially, atleast 1 Bard and 1 Druid per group are needed, but 2 Druids would be better ofcourse, 1 Warden, 2-3 DPS and 1 Shield Tank for defense.

Class Descriptions for Hibernia

Hibernia's One Time Drop Quest List

DAoC Installation Guide

IRC Setup Guide (guild chat-room communication)

I cannot say what we need most at this time, it will become clearer once we're actually up and running with our first chars.
I've been retired from P99-EQ & Uthgard-DAOC for quite a long while now, but if you ever seek advice with either one, don't hesitate to ask.
DAOC: Uthgard Revamp v2.0 (P99 thread for Hibernia)
Uthgard v2.0 Getting Started
DAOC Class Descriptions by Crith (for all 3 realms, with some comparisons to EQ classes)
DAOC: Uthgard Revamp (old thread with some useful info)
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